Tips for Choosing Private Golf Courses in San Diego

Having several top-notch country clubs and private golf courses, San Diego, as one of the largest cities in the United States, can boast about this fact to anyone devoted to the game. If you are a golf enthusiast, and would like to take your game to a higher level, you should perhaps consider getting a membership at any of the notable San Diego private golf courses around. Here are some tips for choosing a country club that fits your purposes to a tee.


There are many strict requirements that country clubs impose on membership. Some, on the other hand, have certain restrictions regarding leaving or quitting on your membership. Hence you should always read the fine print before you decide on joining a certain club.


The fees that a golf country club requires can be any or all of the following: membership fees, monthly dues, game fees, and use of certain facilities. For someone of your stature, the membership fee might be a question of how much of a good investment you are making, i.e., the rate of its appreciation in the next few years. Membership shares of clubs that are considered ‘hot’ easily swell in value.

Other Facilities

Love for the game might be your main concern for choosing a club, but having other facilities available for members’ use could surely be a bonus. A spa within the club might interest you or your spouse, while conference facilities might prove very worthwhile for your business purposes. A pool or family game room could be handy for members with children.

Social Factors

One of the main reasons that people join country clubs like The Farms Golf Club is to hobnob with like-minded people who share their professional or business accomplishments. You can ask about this from friends who are already members of some clubs to help you in your choice. In the end, being a member of one of the best private golf courses in San Diego is more than just looking for a place to play golf. It also means being an exclusive member of a group with more or less similar social backgrounds as you. Hence, you should choose your club in much the same way that you might choose your friends.

Written by: Bruce Bennetts

Date posted: May 7, 2013

Categories: membership